Many people talk of a deep-seated desire to achieve more, not just the traditional one step further, but real results. After cursory thoughts or a chat with a friend or colleague of “wouldn’t it be nice if…” you may, like many, go straight back to the more traditional one-step further goals; basically the same as last year plus a little more. 
‘Quantum Leap’ is a term used now to describe... 
the phenomena of all people being capable of exponential improvement in performance. Not just, ‘and a little bit more’, but multiplying your personal effectiveness, shattering your old achievements. Its’ fair to say we haven’t even come close to achieving our full potential. 
From the world of Quantum physics, the science behind lasers, television, computers, space communication and nuclear energy, a Quantum Leap is the explosive leap a particle of matter undergoes in moving from one place to another, a jump without apparent effort and without covering all the usual steps or links between the starting and ending points. In our personal development this Quantum Leap is like taking a risk, going off into unchartered territory, a new direction, with no guide to follow, only a purpose driven goal with tremendously different results. 
In fact, we have all had insights into this energy shift already. Each time our mood has dramatically changed, we physically experience a change. Especially so when we get excited about a new project or goal – that pivotal point moving from “maybe” to, “Yes – Definitely”. Our bodies tingle with excitement as we shift into another physical vibration level. 
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