We Are 'Small Business Specialists' Who Support Professionals to Increase Their Income, Reduce Their Hours, Have a Better Balance in Life, Whilst Providing Extraordinary Care For Their Clients and So Can You... 

Take control of your life and financial future and reach your personal summits. 

Be A Licensed Associate Business Coach 

Partner with us to get a Professional Boost and instant credibility 
2022-2023 Dates 
Please call for details 
Cost: £1000 + VAT 
1-1 VIP Tailored Service to suit your time zone. 
VENUE: Online 
BOOK NOW by calling: 
07711 691003 
This training exclusively serves motivated professionals who are committed to achieving extraordinary career success. 
BOOK NOW by calling: 
Why be a Licensed Associate? 
You want to run your own business, under your own name with complete flexibility and choice on what you deliver - but you want to hit the road running with a tried and tested commercial programme that delivers results with instant credibility. 
Being an Associate is a fantastic way for you to start and run your own business. From a realistic low entry investment in the initial equivalent of a 1-day training course spread out online but in person to becoming established and earning realistic incomes from £50,000 to over £100,000 with the right focus and goals. In addition you get a high level of business support and constant personal/business coaching for yourself. 
The opportunity for: 
a better balance between work and home life. 
Flexibility and control 
Working for yourself, yet at the same time you have valuable structure, resources and credibility 
The challenge and excitement of creating a new business or expanding your business services within a proven business model 
Personal Summits Ltd Provides: 
An Individual Diagnostic to assess your strengths, pinpoint exactly where you need skill building as well as creating a baseline for measuring forward progress 
A business development programme endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management that you deliver to your clients:- strategic planning tools, practical techniques, checklists and forms to help the client develop their business. 
You get your own Business Development Coach to help you quickly grow and steer you successfully avoiding costly mistakes and time wasting campaigns 
Training on the materials with constant support on developing your style of delivering them through coaching techniques 
Full marketing materials, ready made proposals that can be easily transferred into your own business 
Opportunity to be part of a select team who want to share in order to grow their businesses 
Franchise versus Licensed Associate? 
Mostly the difference is the costs! 
Franchise Licensed Associate 
The up front cost of a franchise can be from £10K to £250K just for entry. A 'management fee' which are payments to cover support, depending on the level from hundreds to thousands of pounds per month. 
Then you still pay a % on sales back to the franchiser from 4% to 25% depending on the mgmt fee. Of course there will be very, very strict rules on what can and can not be done - in reality this restricts your freedom immensely as the franchiser will want to maintain its branding on every detail of the product. 
And here it is, the main difference... 
A franchisee benefits from volume discounts on purchasing products in bulk. something we don't have in coaching!!! 
So none of the benefits apply but all the costs and restrictions do! 
Well Here We Can Only Speak For Our Own Arrangement, So... 
Unbeatable low start up costs - £1000 - (just the cost of the training programme - an initial equivalent of a 1-day training course spread out online but in person). 
Low exposure to financial risk, as the training is for you and your business as well as using it for future clients. 
No Management fee! 
Pay only a split % of client fee! 
Reduced risk of failure by using the tried and tested experience already gained within Personal Summits. 
Low vulnerability whilst getting started as constant coaching support is provided to help you start up and continue through your own growth cycles. 
We will share our research and help you avoid making mistakes whilst supporting you for all the time you are growing and working with us. 
Who are Personal Summits? 
We are a privately owned 'Personal and Business Growth' company celebrating its 23rd Anniversary through 2022. Richard Bisiker is the founder and managing director he works internationally and nationally with business owners and individuals who want more success. Richard is a Coach, Trainer and Author, he is the driving force behind Personal Summits. He is a Branch Chairman for Institute of Directors, Trustee and Chairman of a local Chairty and Non-Executive Vice-Chair of the British Microlight Aircraft Association.  
Personal Summits has Licensed Associates working nationally who provide the Personal Summits "Coaching Support Programme™" for professionals and business owners. Over 10000 delegates and clients have worked with our programmes, workshops, seminars and one-to-one coaching. 
Nationally, coaching of SME businesses is expanding and we are looking for more coaches who want to deliver our successful programme. We help owner/managers develop both professionally and personally. We coach clients to move their business into systems based processes with the natural result of business growth and personal freedom - this for many owners has been a long lost luxury! 
Our Clients are People who: 
Are fun and stimulating to work with! 
Have drive 
Have desire to achieve more 
Have personal, management and business development needs 
Recognise the power and value of using business support 
Have reached a plateau or are confused about the next step 
Understand the value of coaching and have the appropriate funds 
Are serious about change and success, and willing to personally lead first! 
Past Clients Testimonials are Littered Throughout the Main Website and ComeFrom Many Sectors. 
The general agreement: 
Get on the Familiarisation Training Course £1000+vat 
Get started with your marketing 
Get regular coaching from Richard Bisiker directly - £200pm until 3 clients 
Get MORE clients – 2/3rd of the fee is yours (first 10) then 3/4 of the fee is yours 
Knowing our programme works we are willing to heavily support you in the learning curve period whilst you get your first clients on board. We will provide you with coaching support at a minimal charge, because we know with our business models you will soon have clients and then we will get paid based on helping you be a success. 
The Course Detail: 
Familiarisation Course for the PERSONAL SUMMITS 
The Foundation Course and study CDs are for those who want to become Licensed Associates. It is a 1-1 tailored programme delivered in a coaching style to suit your needs and get you to where you need to be fast. It is designed to give you a full overview of the Licensed Programme materials. You will have exposure to case-studies, and it will be participative and interactive with some real life coaching. You will have your own copy of the materials and be expected to take yourself through the tools and develop your own business plan. 
Contracts and Confidentiality Agreements 
Practical Learning Styles - Personality Profiling 
Coaching assessment styles and models and techniques 
CSP Strategic Planning Systems 
CSP Personal Effectiveness and Time Management Systems 
CSP Client Development Systems 
CSP Staffing Systems 
CSP Finance and Cash Flow Systems 
Marketing and Diagnostic Review Systems 
Administration and Licensee Fees 
High Value Selling, Proposals and Delivery Skills 
The Website & Logo 
As a Licensed Associate you will be promoted on the main Personal Summits Web-site with a personal bio-page and also on the dedicated "Coaching Support Programme" web-site that you can use as your own reference on business cards and letterheads, along with the right to use the logo "Licensed Associate of Personal Summits". 
Request a full report on being a Licensed Associate 
This programme is kept to a limited number of participants to make dedicated time for your questions. It is highly focused on getting you started quickly as a Licensed Associate to enable you to achieve greater success running a professional practice, so book early to confirm your place. 
The course is packed with information and ideas and the approach is interactive and contributory. Because Personal Summits Ltd is committed to ensuring you implement what you learn successfully you will continue to have scheduled and entirely confidential one to one, follow up coaching sessions with the Director of Personal Summits Ltd via the telephone where you have the chance to discuss issues specifically relevant to yourself. 
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