Unlock Your Potential Retreat 

Unlock Your Personal Potential Weekend Retreat... 

A Fabulous 2 Day Personal Development Workshop in the Lake District 

Caught up in the whirlwind of life? 
Feel like you’re not really doing what makes you happiest? 
No time to do anything about it? 
Then you need to unlock your potential! 
This is a relaxed fun programme of complete self-indulgence and time to explore your personal goals, and boost your energy for personal success. 

 2 Nights and 2 Days in the grounds of this Beautiful Rydal Hall ~ all inclusive 

You will cut through the confusing, conflicting demands of everyday life and take simple specific steps to achieve what is most important to you. 
Morning waterfall walks – Personal Development workshop - Mindfulness exercises - & an evening stroll along the Rothay River & Rydal Water to slowly soak in the days thoughts. A beautiful way to sync with nature, energise and unleash your personal potential. 
For details, pricing and everything else you need to know... read on
2022 Dates - tbc  
Friday Evening Arrival 
There will be workbooks, self-analysis profiles, check-lists, group discussions and some personal reflection time. Also a personal one-to-one coaching session and.... 
not forgetting in between all this - lots of chat and fun. 
By the end of this enriching programme you will:  
Relax, Have Fun, Make Friends 
Discover successful personal strategies 
Set compelling outcomes for yourself to maximise the way you achieve your results 
Build confidence & Self-Esteem 
Discover ways to control your thinking 
motivate yourself 
determine the values and criteria by which you and others make decisions 
Identify Self-made obstacles & better replacement beliefs 
Break Negative chains 
Some of the Guided Questions 
we will Explore... 
What do I want now? 
What are my true Values? 
Why do I really want these? 
Who am I doing this for? 
How do I work within the Circles of Control? 
What am I tolerating? 
Who do I have to be to achieve this? 
What are my personal motivators? 
How will I stay on track? 
We will look clearly and honestly at your aspirations and then deal with current obstacles strategically and creatively... 
All inclusive RETREAT AGENDA 
Friday Evening - Open time arrival & check-in to rooms. Welcome in lounge, relax with drinks and introductions. 
Waterfall breakfast walk 
During the Day Workshop: 
mid-morning break tea/coffee/pastries 
mid-afternoon break tea/coffee/pastries 
Close workshop with walk to Rothay River & Rydal Water Stroll 
Evening DINNER 
Private 1-1 Coaching Sessions 
Group social 
Waterfall breakfast walk 
During the Day Workshop: 
mid-morning break tea/coffee/pastries 
mid-afternoon break tea/coffee/pastries 
Close of workshop and departure from 4pm 
Waterfall Breakfast Walks... 
Waterfalls, Lakes, Forests... 
A perfect place for practicing mindfulness, slowly waking up in nature, a beautiful way to energise for the day ahead of unleashing your personal potential... 
Evening Stroll... 
Sample Dinner Menus 
Options for Vegetarians 
Gluten Free 
all available. 
Let the food nourish your being 
Richard Bisiker will lead the 2 day Retreat. 
Richard will provide group and individual coaching during the retreat. He works with people who want to achieve more, delivering personal development seminars and workshops both internationally and nationally. Richard is a practicing Coach, Trainer and Author of two internationally acclaimed personal development books.  
He not only has experience coaching at Board level but also operates on several boards as Trustee, Chairman, and Non-Executive Director roles, he is the driving force behind Personal Summits. Richard is also the Staffordshire Chairman for the Institute of Directors. Over 10,000 delegates and clients have worked with him and his programmes, workshops, seminars and one-to-one coaching. 
✯ Definitely worth doing. Enjoyable and interesting. 
✯ Excellent presentation skills. Very good at relaxing people and getting the subject across. Very approachable. 
✯ I would recommend anyone to go on the retreat to gain greater insight into themselves and others. Excellent, easy pace. Presented with humour. We wasn't talked at. 
✯ Brilliant!! Richard showed me a step by step process on how to achieve my dreams. Thank you. 
✯ The retreat leaves you with a feel good factor and is full of inspiration and left me with a positive attitude and lots of ideas. Very inspirational and interesting. A Full programme of many motivational ideas. 
✯ Have faith in this course it will be good for you. Good for obtaining self belief. Excellent course, excellently presented. 
✯ The weekend was packed with useful tools, informative and extremely interesting. It has provided me with focus and identified areas for my personal development. Richard is a very approachable presenter, great manner. He Pitched the retreat at the right level for all to understand. 
✯ A very informative retreat providing good insight into both personal and other's people's reactions and behaviours. Provides good tools and actions that can be applied straight away. 
✯ Very good fun and useful. I enjoyed it 
✯ This retreat has given me so many ideas to think about. Make it happen in small steps, and focus on what I want. Very well presented kept my interest the whole time. 
✯ Excellent visual ideas and metaphorical achievement to break the block of wood. A lasting memory of the course and what I'm going to achieve in the future - Already thinking positive. 
✯ Very useful, purposeful, focussed and of practical use. 
✯ I was apprehensive about the course but am so glad I came. I have learnt a lot and it was fabulous breaking the wood! You are fabulous Richard. 
Register Here: 
Places are limited. There are a mix of bedrooms, single, double, twin (please state your preference of room & dietary requirements). Most all are en-suite. Whilst rooms can be shared prices are per person.  
FIRST - Please complete your details here to register. Send it to us by clicking the submit button at the bottom of this form. Then we'll contact you with payment options. 
All inclusive Fees: 
2022 Retreat 
Dates tbc 
Fri Eve Arrival 
CALL - 01785 711102 
If you require any assistance. 
An invoice can be produced for you, and you will get an email to confirm your payment has been processed. Note: Only full payment will confirm place. 
Cancellation Fees: 20 to 11 days prior to the course 50% and 10 or less days prior is 100%. Where possible fees will be transferred to another event at Personal Summits Ltd discretion. 
CALL 01785 711102 if you require any assistance. 
More info... 
Well, its all about giving yourself a tune-up ~ live the life you've always dreamed of... NOW! 
Getting more of what you want and not just more of the same can be a life long ambition for most people. So what makes some able and others not? This workshop helps you to unlock your personal potential using fun and simple powerful techniques used by the successful people we see around us everyday. 
Learn effective goal setting and understand the minefield of pitfalls 
See the problems and effects caused when feelings and actions don’t match 
Learn how to break away from other people’s choices 
Discover how to multiply energy - without extra work 
Put order into your life and avoid chaos. 
Uncover how the successful mind makes positive habits then learn how to do it for yourself 
Learn how successful people use the power of words 
Discover how to find and break your negative chains - then replace them with successful ones 
Learn how to make the new you gel and stick. 
Shows how to build you own confidence, & self-esteem 
Explains what self-esteem is and how it works 
Shows how your self-image effects your attitude 
How to believe in yourself 
Explains methods for controlling your thinking 
Learn how to uncover and smash your own self-made obstacles, limiting values, and beliefs 
Discover why good people can fail 
Uncover the history of your self-image 
Contact: 01785 711102 to discuss your requirements. 
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