Director Development - Client Testimonials 
Richard’s coaching has offered a confidential support for me to brainstorm sensitive issues, and 
provided me with feedback on my own approach styles. This work has been a key support to me establishing the culture I want from my staff. I have highly specialised and fine-tuned my skills at managing change that delivers sustainable benefits for this business. 
As Head of Programmes for the Next Generation Contact centres for BT Retail I have been managing and am currently comin to a successful completion of - £150M cost reduction project over 3 years. During the time you 
have been coaching me I have been promoted to a level in the business that I have always aspired to. Your support to me over this period was key to my success. 
Mark Simmons 
Director at Simmonsigns Limited - Director 
Salop Group 
Working with Richard enabled me to focus on removing the barriers to progressing new projects. We developed easy to follow strategies that made "spinning the plates" not only possible, but once progress was made, fun and exciting. Building tools around my own personal drivers, time management challenges and priorities ensured balance was maintained and nothing got left behind. 
Richard's approach is robust and challenging, and removes excuses that prevent success. 
Dougie Brown 
Director - The Alternative Board (Leeds South & Wakefield) 
Richard has provided my business with excellent support, as a strategic partner and through the provision of excellent resources, that has enabled me continue to offer opportunities to my clients to grow their business through coaching. His personal coaching to me has pushed me to expand my own business successfully and his leadership strategy enables me to look forward to the continuation of a successful working relationship in the future. I have no hesitation in recommending Richard Bisiker and Personal Summits to any coach wishing to take their practice to a new level as part of a successful team. 
Darren Martin 
Davies Group Ltd - Group Chief Information Officer 
Soon after becoming IT Director for Davies Group, Richard was engaged as a coach/mentor to assist in my transition. He introduced me to a number of methods to review processes to maximise my productivity with minimal effort, helping me focus on running multiple projects as well as the management of the wider IT department. Very practical discussions with light touch theory meant that I was quickly able to modify the way that I carried out certain tasks, seeing immediate results. I saw my time with Richard as incredibly beneficial and have since asked him to engage with my managers on a workshop to assist in their development. 
Lorraine (Laine) Calland 
Managing Director at the 
Conscious Leadership Centre 
I have worked with Richard a few times over a number of years now and EVERY experience has been a delight. He has heaps of intelligence, creativity and drive and a rare breadth and depth of skill. He brings a fresh perspective to every challenge and is deeply committed to excellence in everything he takes on. I wholeheartedly recommend his coaching, consultancy and training if you are looking for serious success strategies for yourself or your business. He also has a compelling sense of humour which enables him to deliver profound interventions with a lightness of touch. 
Alexis Ernst - Director 
Pirouette Consulting Ltd 
I recently worked with Richard at an IoD Mastermind Session. Richard was very skilled at facilitating the conversation and the asking of coaching questions between the participants in the group. As host/facilitator he knows when to sit back and allow the session to flow and when to intervene to provide a summary and appropriate re- focus when needed. Richard is also an artful coach using incisive questioning to provide a space for the coachee to gain great insight. 
Archie Miller - Mangaing Partner 
Drever & Heddle Solicitors 
I used Richard’s services for my personal training. I thereafter used his services to assist in the development of one of my staff members for approximately nine months. I found him and his materials to be well organised and very helpful. His coaching was thought provoking and I strongly believe that I benefited greatly from the training. My staff member has a quite different personality and approach from myself but she also felt that she was assisted very much by his training. 
I would have no hesitation in recommending Richard’s services. 
Venisha Shah 
Family Law Partner at The Law House 
I first worked with Richard in 2009. As a sole practitioner, with a few employees, it can be difficult to make long term business decisions and see the wood form the trees. Richard and I worked together and he was like a silent business partner, who was a sounding board but also came up with great ideas for the business. I would highly recommend him. 
Brian Inkster 
Inkster Solicitors - Managing Partner, Glasgow. 
I have used Richard’s services since 2005. I would not hesitate to recommend him as he would make an excellent Coach to any Director, Partner or Business Owner. Winning the ‘Solicitor of The Year Award’ is a wonderful reflection of our partnership with Richard and his support over the last year has enabled me to move myself and my firm into a more effective and profitable position. I have achieved goals I set to be completed in five years in just one! Demands on my time are now back under my control, staff enjoy their work and are proactive in the development of the firm. Clients receive better service and I enjoy the quality and standards that are now part of a systemised and consistent approach. We continue to improve." 
Board Development & Review - Client Testimonials 
Areas in which he has helped me over the years include: 
• Improving my understanding of my own learning and leadership styles, and that of others, enabling me to improve communication with colleagues, customers and stakeholders. Helping me to learn different behaviours when situations required this; 
• Finding ways of resolving issues and overcoming differences and difficulties with other people. Establishing techniques to solve problems, both professional and personal; 
• Presentation skills and public speaking; 
• Establishing successful appraisal/review processes for staff and both Executive and Non-Executive Directors, and a successful approach to the review of Board performance; 
• Techniques and guidance for developing, implementing and leading business strategy; 
In addition he has helped the development of my teams by providing training and coaching to them in people management skills and team-building. 
Virtual Chairman / INED(Independent Non-Executive Director) - Client Testimonials 
Dr. John Phillips MBE 
Hon F IoD, Past Regional Director. 
I have known Richard for approximately 10 years whilst Regional Director for the IoD in the West Midlands, a position I held until April 2016. However, I continue to serve with Richard on the IoD’s regional committee. Richard is the Branch Chairman for Staffordshire. He has a wide general knowledge of business and a natural skill for mentoring and helping people. He holds the highest qualification in the IoD Diploma in Company Direction and is an excellent ambassador for us locally. He is also Chairman of the Staffordshire mastermind group for the IoD.  
Julian Dawes 
G&P Quality Management Group (Göbel & Partner) - Automotive, Birmingham 
I have known Richard for some time through the IoD peer to peer executive coaching. 
Richard is the Chair for the regional Mastermind group which he drives with great skill and patience. 
His subject knowledge is extensive and uses his vast experience to not only guide the Group but also on a 1-2-1 basis covering subjects including 
• Business strategy – development, reviewing/refining and implementation 
• Complex problem resolution – including people, process, creativity, managing change 
• Helping with developing and understanding learning and leadership styles at all levels 
• Executive coaching 
He is also a great guy to be around who glass is very much more than half full! 
Executive Coaching - Client Testimonials 
Tony Burgess 
Director - ARC. 
I write with thanks regarding the highly professional service that you have provided me. You have got me kick started into a project that I have been putting off for a long time and what's more I am enjoying every moment of it! I have been impressed with your quick thinking and your ability to formulate a solution that suits my individual needs, not a blanket approach. I will have no hesitation recommending Personal Summits wholeheartedly to other business people. 
Ben Dellicompagni 
Managing Director - Francesco Group  
“It is most useful to have a second voice, a completely neutral voice that is not judging but rather exploring different approaches with me so as to help arrive at balanced thought through decisions.” 
Andrew Richardson 
Technical and Office Manager 
Fermacell UK 
Richard is an astute professional who has a clear understanding of his area of expertise. He is dedicated to providing a quallty service based upon his client needs. He has a clear approach ,and and leads trainng with enthusiasm and authority. 
Jane Hooper 
Director and Coach - StepChange Training 
Richard has a gentle approach, which combined with immense experience and professionalism ensures that he elicits the best possible outcomes from his coaching. I recommend him as someone who will be a catelyst for success in business. 
ILM - Leadership & Management Qualification - Client Testimonials 
Our tailored programme consisted of one year of supported training and coaching contact comprising of 6 days off site training. This enabled implementation and review against targeted growth goals. Further monthly coaching on an individual basis acted to support progress, maintain momentum, commitment and accountability. Each participant spoke separately and confidentially directly with Richard of Personal Summits. Further open access to support coaching was available if required for ‘urgent timely support’. 
Though I by no means feel like the polished article. The training and supportive coaching that Richard provided aided in my progression to the role of Director and leader. 
Richard raised my awareness of a tool box full of techniques, strategies and personal growth methods that I continue to use and revisit in both a self-coaching and reflective capacity. 
ILM - Coaching and Mentoring Qualification - Client Testimonials 
Mike Slattery 
Director - Quality Leadership Consultancy Limited 
Richard help me extend my business services for my consultancy through a very structured approach to business coaching. The manuals and programme undertaken was very highly developed and easy to follow. 
I would recommend Richard in helping and supporting any enterprise, large or small in renewing their business and achieving new and demanding goals. 
Ian Wallace 
University of Wolverhampton - Mentoring Programme - Business MSc 
I met Richard during my the time I was completing my degree and he became my mentor in 2015 where we worked closely for a year until my graduation, It was through him that I kept my head and set clear goals and was able to reach those goals with a good result, I still keep in touch with Richard and hope to do more work with him in the future. 
I fully recommend Richard who is a full Professional who has the knack of getting to the point of need early on and helping to see the bigger picture, helping to find solutions to complex situations. 
Personal Growth - Courses/Coaching - Client Testimonials 
Tim J Burns 
GPRS Recruitment, Director of GPRS T&D Group, Director of GPRS Software 
I've known Richard for 6/7 years. Initially I found Richard very easy to talk to, as he has a positive (whilst realistic) view on things. This he compliments with well considered and balanced opinions. Having worked closely with him throughout a confidential recruitment assignment, it was a given that I'd invite Richard to deliver some key staff training. 
As ever he was engaging, highly motivational, relaxed, and clearly accomplished in self expression. Clearly Richard enjoys helping others develop. Not without charm, he's totally unnassuming, and greatly valued by his peers & many who make his acquaintance. I've also observed his tenacity & resolve when facing a number of considerable personal challenges he's set & achieved. 
Sarah Weyman 
Carat China - Huangpu District, Shanghai, China 
Working with Richard was one of the best investments I've made. The leadership development and coaching programme provided me with the focus I needed to understand what I was looking for in my next challenge. The weekly sessions and Richard's insights were invaluable. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for personal development. 
E Kruempelmann, Global Citizen Coaching, Germany. 
"I'm really glad I invested in you at the beginning of my path. As a matter of fact, I really feel I attract my ideal clients and have my ideal life as a result of being coached by you and your book.", 
Angela Jain 
Coaching has helped me to gain self-esteem, self-confidence and self-reliance. I am doing more things independently thus ensuring that I make my own decisions. My confidence is being gained through living with my own choices. With Richard I successfully achieved a major career move. 
Vanessa Clarke. 
I originally wanted to use coaching to increase my positive impact at work and to develop my own management style. Not only have I gained an insight into how to deal with personalities and my boss(!), but also I’ve also improved my time management skills, and I now feel able to delegate more effectively. I have achieved a clear personal focus. I am extremely proud of stating the fact that, with the support of the coaching and the confidence and clarity gained from it, I have resolved and completed two past relationships (on my terms) and now I feel free to enjoy the start of a new one. 
Sue Knight 
International NLP Trainer, Business Consultant, Speaker and Author 
Thank you Richard for your recommendation for me which has prompted me to say that what we recognise in others is true for us personally and the qualities that you mention for me are most certainly the ones that I see in you.. Integrity - walking the talk, an exemplar of excellence and more - you are fun to be around. I love your commitment to the work that you do and the work ethic that you have which as well as all the visionary skills is a must (some people don't realise that). I felt honoured that you chose to learn with me.. Teachers learn most from their students... thank you 
David W. 
Richard’s coaching has helped me with my business, relationships and personal issues. Primarily how to approach people, and communicate with them. Coaching has given me more clarity, I can see things better. 
Melinda Swart - Systems Analyst, London. 
My goal was to find out more about myself and what I really want in life. I had not made any goals, I felt I was not in control of my life, finances and emotions, I just didn’t know what I wanted to do. With the coaching programme I have now made goals for the next 2 years. I feel better about myself generally. I feel more in control. I am ready to move on with my life. I have become clearer about my career and have started learning new things. The big win was getting my life in order and clarity of my values, needs and finances. 
David Garnett-Thomas 
Coaching has given me the inspiration to recognise the value of my enterprise and personal worth. Coaching has helped achieve a sharp focus on needs and thus motivation as well as providing practical advice and support throughout. The main learning point has been that my future can be shaped by my present 
Isobel A. 
Original goal was to change jobs. I achieved this within 3 months. The big win was getting a job for which I had no technical experience, my other qualities being the overriding factors. Coaching gave me a self-belief that I could get what I wanted. It gave me the encouragement to go after a new job and also made me think about areas in my life which needed improving. I realised that I was loosing energy by focussing on matters which really weren’t as important as I thought they were. By giving them up and focussing on what was important I shifted my energy and so achieved my goal. It also made me look at and change my attitudes. I have more confidence as I can now recognise my strengths, and it has made me focus on what is important to achieve for yourself. 
David Williams 
Alkapharm UK ltd 
To so whom it may concern..... 
I can thoroughly Recommend Richard Bisiker who I have had the pleasure of knowing for several years both personally and through my business life and could only score him a AAA rating 
A, true Gentleman, 
A, Friend 
A, Inspirational Business / life coach 
Michele Stamatiou, CPA 
Controller North America/Director of SEC and Regulatory Financial Reporting & Accounting 
The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) 
Richard was a fellow-partner in a Mastermind group. Each time he entered the Mastermind discussions, it was accompanied by his calm, happy, and positive demeanor. These qualities are complemented by Richards' wealth of knowledge in personal coaching. He has a wonderful ability to adapt to situations and personalities. I loved that he was a sounding board and often voice-of-reason during our Mastermind group's passionate discussions. 
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