Powerful Coaching for Personal Growth  I now only coach 'Fantastic' clients, with 'Wow!' ideas.  My clients have transformational and exponential growth.   WHAT TYPE OF CLIENTS COACH WITH ME? Successful people who are striving for excellence. People who are facing or driving a change.   Entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals use a coach to fix, solve, create or plan something, personally and/or professionally.   Coaching is a profession, which synthesizes the best from psychology, personal growth & transformation of values and beliefs to benefit the Professional Executive, Business Owner, or Entrepreneur who wants to achieve more (and stress less!) 

WHAT IS WORKED ON? - "Whatever YOUR GOAL is..." 
Areas others have covered: 
• Career and life transactions/changes 
• Making key decisions and designing strategies 
• Planning, budgeting and goal-setting 
• Integrating business and personal life for a balance 
• Taking a project to completion  
• Prioritising actions and projects 
• Catching up and getting ahead of business 
• Handling business or personal problems 
• Making key decisions and designing strategies 
If you're ready...  
Get in touch! 
Key Areas of past clients' coaching… 
• Being overwhelmed with a powerful vision and a desire to turn it into reailty 
• To experience exponential success and feel good about it! 
• To work through and out of competing values that sabotage growth 
• Clarity! 
• To hear the truth 
Some coaches begin with a client call to get to know each other. We won't! 
My coaching is transformational - this means before I agree to take on a client I will provide a full 2 hour deep transformational coaching experience that will allow me to see if you are ready for the investment of commitment, courage, and passion to transform. This will be at my expense and at the end if we both agree we want to continue we will design a bespoke programme. I now only work with 2 clietns at any one time and share all my materials and provide profile assessments and we create whatever we need to make your transition happen swiftly and exponentially.  
Coaching is delivered during regular 1:1 sessions, face to face and/or by webinar/telephone. I work with you on your BIG goal, deep powerful coaching on your agenda - your topic - your goal - and on YOU. I am honest and hold a truth mirror up to you - it may not always feel easy, but you always have my commitment to your success and finding a way to overcome your current assumptions about your current situation and self. I support you to stretch, learn and grow in order to create opportunities, solve the problems and make the most of your strengths. When missing a distinction or principle, I draw one, so you can see a clearer picture. When you are taking on a large goal, coaching helps you to design the project and provide the support and structure needed to make sure it gets done. I will show you how to draw from your deep reservoir of talent. I expect a lot, and we will celebrate your success. 
* What Clients Most Often Want * 
Statements made by past clients starting coaching… 
• Take better control of my life 
• Be pro-active rather than re-active 
• Be more organised 
• Be more positive thinking 
• Let go of the negatives 
• Get some direction for my life/career 
• Increase self-esteem and confidence 
• Improve communication and relationships with others 
• To think about what I wish to achieve – Do I know my goals or am I afraid of change? 
• Insights into how to be a better coach myself, and a structure to finalise my plans 
• Self-improvement 
• More self-confidence 
• Less worry 
• Less anxiety 
• More focus 
• More independence – not being affected by other people’s actions 
• Less jealousy 
• Get things done – not to procrastinate - To learn to follow through 
• Increased confidence, energy & assertiveness 
• Gain techniques for personal development & learn more about me 
• Be more efficient in my new business 
• Get healthier 
The time is right if you are : 
In transition making substantial changes in your personal and professional life. 
Entrepreneur setting up new challenges, or 
A professional who is sharp, quick, and ready to do what it takes to reach ‘breakthrough’ goals. 
It will cost you more than money! 
My coaching is not for everyone 
My coaching requires courage and commitment 
My clients and I work together for 13 months and their life absolutely transforms 
My fees are not time structured, once agreed it is in full, in advance, no refunds 
You will have my total commitment and a tailored programme  
Personal and professional development should be exponential, it's about navigating your inner obstacles, reaching your personal summits. 
Private fees are negotiable as we tailor a programme to suit you. The coaching starts when the payment is received. My Power Coaching is for 13 months.  
Depending on how we agree to bespoke your programme, there will be a minimum investment.  
But this opportunity will cost you more than money. You must be ready to invest your energy, your time and your commitment to creating something so powerful in your life that it will have a lasting impact. I will be flexible to suit your needs. 
I now only coach fantastic clients, with 'Wow!' ideas. 
When you are ready we will talk... 
And your life will transform 
CALL 07711 691003 
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