Unlock Your Personal Potential - *New Second Edition* 

ISBN 978-0-9528694-1-2 
Great Gift for Family & Friends 
Personally signed! 
Caught up in the whirlwind of life? 
Feel like you’re not really doing what makes you happiest? 
No time to do anything about it? 
Then you need to unlock your potential... 
This practical step-by-step guide will give you the courage to cut through the confusing, conflicting demands of everyday life and take simple specific steps to achieve what is most important to you. 
Look clearly and honestly at your aspirations and then deal with current obstacles strategically and creatively. 
Design your own definition of success and have the confidence to know that you can achieve it. 
Compelling examples from the author’s coaching practice inspire confidence and understanding. 
Worksheets and self-checks help you work through your own personal experiences. 
Practice tips, powerful techniques and plenty of motivation will give you the ability to take effective action and continue to stay on the track for success. 
Give yourself a tune-up . . . and live the life you always dreamed of! 
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