Executive Coaching for Business Growth 

Businesses don’t make decisions, people do. 

 As a successful professional, you’ve proven that you have the ability to transform your vision into reality. Yet, as many business owners become more successful they reach a point where it becomes increasingly difficult to move ahead.  Many Directors are looking for solutions to the frustrating problems that surround commerce today.  Is your business working for you or are you working for it?  

Are you someone who occasionally experiences a sense of isolation and lack the following facility ? 
To talk through business development ideas without judgement 
Explore business problems from objective ‘third party’ questions 
Review possible negative implications of solutions 
Be challenged 
Uncover weaknesses and learn about self - privately 
Get honest feedback and techniques on communication skills 
Would any of these benefits improve your business ? 
Staff being eager to change and expand 
Systems which allow staff to be inspired, creative and innovative 
Minimising or avoidance of unproductive 
Key staff retention and motivation – feeling properly valued 
Improved ability of directors to motivate and inspire their staff 
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Even the most experienced Directors are besieged by challenges on every side - more companies vying for less business, increased regulation, a demanding public, escalating technology requirements, working too many hours, and professional and personal burnout. Ultimately, this increasingly difficult business climate will require fundamental changes in every sector. 
Many Directors and Partners speak of the lack of development programmes that are fine tuned to where they are in business. As a Director you are unique in your experience and development so programmes and courses can be both time-consuming and often mostly irrelevant. Also, Directors often experience a sense of isolation at the top of their business/practice and lack the facility to talk through ideas, problems or solutions. 
The programme being delivered today is taken from a tried and tested proven path. It is a combination of the right materials, the right delivery, with the right accountability. 
Programme Areas 
Time Management & Productivity 
Without these skills you will find it difficult to develop a good client base and find balance in your life. Time spent perfecting these skills allows you to gain control of your time and your life. You will be able to reduce interruptions, eliminate chaos, create order, master your calendar, end procrastination, keep track of your files, delegate tasks, recover billable hours and much more. 
Client Development 
Once you have control of your time you are on your way to marketing mastery. These skills allow you to target your ideal client and your best referral sources, develop powerful strategic conversations (knowing who to talk to; what to say; how and when to say it; and track your results), have your best referral sources send you more good business, gain introductions to new referral sources and much more. 
Staffing Issues 
A firm is unlikely to be successful without a successful team. These courses teach you the skills necessary for attracting and hiring a  
championship team, managing job performance, employee evaluation, employee incentive systems, managing a termination, using temporary agencies, employee leasing, employee benefits, resolving employee conflicts and much more. 
Cash Flow Issues 
A firm needs to attend to financial health. We coach you in the skills necessary to assure financial health such as developing a zero tolerance collections system, managing expenses, leveraging for profitability, creating a financial dashboard to drive your business with ease and much more. 
Strategic Planning 
Strategic Planning - A firm needs to have a systems based business with a clear course of action. We show you a systems approach as well as the three critical roles in a business, the power of vision statements, setting goals that compel you, how to avoid toleration traps, the wisdom of putting yourself first, developing a long term plan for your business and much more. 
Our programme will be tailored to suit your specific needs – Contact us to discuss how coaching can help you both professionally and personally. 
Call for more details - 07711 691003 or email 
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