“You are making a mental picture for the purpose of determining the quality you are giving to the previously undifferentiated substance and energy rather then to arrange the specific circumstances for its manifestation. 
That is the work of God. It will build its own forms of expression quite naturally, if you will allow it, and save you a great deal of needless anxiety. 
What you really want is expansion in a certain direction. You are concentrating energy of a particular kind for a particulat purpose. Keep this in mind and let specific details take care of themselves.” 
“My mind is the centre of Divine operation. The Divine operation is always for expansion and fuller expression, and this means the production of something entirely new, not included in the past experience, though proceeding out of it by an orderly sequence of growth. Therefore, since the Divine cannot change its inherent nature, it must operate in the same manner with me; consequently, in my own special world, of which I am the centre, it will move forward to produce new conditions always in advance of any that have gone before.” 
“We cannot really think in one way and act in another...” 
“The subjective mind is entirely under the control of the objective mind. With the utmost fidelity it reproduces and works out to its final consequences whatever the objective mind impresses upon it.” 
“Creative power, is that receptive attitude of expectancy which makes a mold into which the plastic and as yet undifferentiated substance can flow and take the desired form.” 
Thomas Troward - Early Teacher of Mental Science ~ 1847 ~ 1916 
Her Majesty's Assistant Commissioner and later Divisional Judge of the North Indian Punjab from 1869 until retirement in 1896. It is this later period for which he is best remembered and most celebrated; able to devote himself to his great interest in metaphysical and esoteric studies. He has written many papers which can easily be found through the internet. 
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