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The Personal Summits Development Programme helps breakthrough the ceiling of complexity – getting you through to the next level. 

Do you want to: Refocus on your vision of the future? . . . Explore problems through objective third party questions? . . . Uncover weaknesses and learn about yourself privately? . . . Get honest feedback with supportive techniques and skills?. . . Talk through development ideas without judgement? . . . Or Just Be challenged? . . .  

We work with lawyers who want to develop themselves and their practice to achieve more profit and income, freedom of time, with personal balance and true satisfaction in life... whlist taking extraordinary care of clients. 

Has your success to date brought you to a productive but static level of results? Where working harder or longer doesn’t actually achieve more?  
Where things seem to get more complex – a sense of diminishing returns, working to keep others employed rather than employees working for you? 
Getting stuck at a certain level of success may be a result of being buried in activity and detail that drains you of energy, slowing or destroying creativity. 
Do you dread the legions of files that confront you; the daily fires that only you can put out; the adrenaline panic as you catch a hidden deadline; the un-returned phone calls resounding long after the day’s end? Does this justify the price for success which, though at first was hardly noticeable, now consumes you, to the extent that the fun and satisfaction of being your own master has faded? 
Or, maybe it’s the opposite? 
Things are too exciting, almost out of control. Chaos reigns because too many projects, cases, or businesses are stimulating your desire for challenge, but all are moving too fast to control. Tension between work and family increases as you find yourself spread ever thinner, almost to breaking point, no time to think and re-focus. 
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Why Choose Executive Coaching? 
•Leaders look for an edge 
•Top leaders pro-actively seek resources to make them more successful. 
•Winners know they need to find new ways to stay at the top  
Executive Coaching provides Directors and senior managers with a confidential one-to-one development programme. The service focuses on issues essential to your personal and professional effectiveness. The agenda is client led to suit you and so may cover corporate and personal goals. The process of coaching with ‘Personal Summits’ draws out leadership skills, whilst being able to offer tailored corporate training assessments on a confidential one-to-one basis. 
“The value of having a regular opportunity to reflect on your current real-time circumstances and responses can not be underestimated.” Institute of Directors. 
Personal Summits’ Executive Coaching can be tailored to include any training material from the ‘corporate Training’ suite of programmes. As a one-to-one process, only relevant and specific details are worked on, ensuring no time is wasted with irrelevant ‘class-room’ style learning. 
Personal Summits’ Executive Coaching can be tailored to include any training material from the ‘corporate Training’ suite of programmes. As a one-to-one process, only relevant and specific details are worked on, ensuring no time is wasted with irrelevant ‘class-room’ style learning. 
Personal Summits’ Director Development Programme is principally designed for leaders or organisations working in partnership via questioning techniques and honest feedback that clears the way for more incisive thinking. It is a partnership of coaching support rather than advice. 
Many legal Partners speak of the lack of development programmes that are fine tuned to where they are. As a Solicitor you are unique in your experience and development, so off-the-shelf programmes and courses can be both time-consuming and often mostly irrelevant. Also, Solicitors often experience a sense of isolation at the top and lack the confidential facility to talk through ideas, problems or solutions. Through its design and structure, one-to-one Executive Coaching can provide you with the personal support and guidance you require to develop your specific skills wherever you are.  
Richard Bisiker, Lead Coach is a qualified Director and Branch Chairman of the Institute of Directors. He will use his experience as an Independent Non-Executive Director(INED), Chairman, Vice-Chair and Operations Director to support your practice. He also provides a VIRTUAL Chairman role for those smaller companies who do not identify with the time and cost to have a full-time Chairman or INED, BUT would value the insight that such a person brings to your business on an ad-hoc basis. Whilst Richard Bisiker, has a broad business management and development background, nationally and internationally, it is his skill of questioning and leading you to your own answers and better self-knowledge that makes the difference. 
Coaching synthesizes the best from psychology, business, transformation, philosophy, finance and spirituality to benefit the Professional Executive. 
Coaching works for people who are open minded, eager to change and expand. They find the experience refreshing, enriching and exciting to have a coach stimulate their thinking. The coach is objective and supportive, but challenges in a confidential one-to-one environment where they can discuss potential problems and solutions. 
Benefits for individuals 
• Use core management techniques to drive better results 
• Develop ability to lead, motivate and inspire 
• Provide strategic leadership as well as day-to-day management 
• Benchmark your managerial skills 
• Raise performance in your organisation. 
Benefits for employers 
• Encourage strategic thinking at this level of management, to foster business improvement 
• Engage middle managers with training and development – this qualification is designed to provide clear, measurable benefits to career-minded professionals 
Executive Coaching is a valuable and positive process, which can cover a wide range of issues and concerns: 
• Preparation for role change, joining the board 
• Personal impact and effectiveness - management style 
• Managing stress, conflict or crisis 
• Personal or private issues 
• Broadening the skill base - intuitive or technical 
• Communication and relationships - a sounding board 
• Blocks to progress, commercially or personally 
“In the 21st Century key soft skills or ‘people skills’ are increasingly necessary for those at the top. The feedback and self-insight necessary to acquire these soft skills was an area often neglected in the past by business schools and internal company training programmes. This is why there is now a skills gap among some now reaching the top.” 
R.Pearson, Director of Institute of Employment Studies 
Whichever topic is addressed, a clear set of goals is established along with a commitment to action, and confidentiality is always assured. 
Typical Issues which arise: 
• Personal influencing skills with Board, other managers or staff  
• Managing self, time, stress and change  
• Managing people both directly and sapientially  
• Developing leadership styles and insights  
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