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Supervision Evaluation Feedback 
We ask you to complete this form once your supervision partnership has either come to an end, or after you’ve had at least three supervision sessions. Your honest feedback will help us improve the supervision experience and process, but also give us an indication of whether the opportunity has worked well for you, if it has helped you to be more effective, and to gather suggestions so that we can continually improve and develop the best ways to support you. 
Supervision Evaluation Feedback 
Reviewing your original goals for supervision 
To help get you started it might help you to refer back to your ‘Supervision Needs Questionnaire’ that you completed at the start of the Supervision process. 
You identified your top 1-3 priorities. Briefly what were they? 
Of these 3 Priorities - State specifically in detail... 
What did you specifically accomplish?
How did you know you'd completed?
Reviewing your progress 
Having re-capped on what you set out to achieve, this section asks you how you got on. Please use as much space as you need to answer the questions. 
What progress did supervision help you make against each of your priorities? 
Supervision Evaluation ‘Quick-check’ Questionnaire 
You should now have had chance to consider the usefulness of Supervision for you in some depth. To help us gain some quantifiable data about the effectiveness of the Supervision process, please could you finish with the quick questionnaire below. 
Circle a number for each question, using the following scale:- 
1=Strongly disagree; 2=Disagree; 3=No change; 4=Agree; 5=Strongly agree 
This information will be used to assess effectiveness of the Personal Summits process in supporting you on your ILM qualification and in your roles. 
We will adhere to our confidentiality commitment at all times. 
Thank you. 
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