Director's Development Coaching. CLIENT'S NEEDS QUESTIONNAIRE This questionnaire is to help you the person responsible for the Client inform me the Coach what you would like the Client and myself to focus on.  This is an important guide to what objectives you seek to achieve with the Client's development. It will be a reference and guide only as the content of client conversations are confidential but of course the outcomes are very much in the public domain and that is where your guide is useful for focussing in on what is most important for the individual and business goals. --------------------------------- Once completed, Click Submit - A secure copy is sent only to Richard Bisiker who will use this to discuss the Client's goals at the outset of the coaching. 

Developing understanding of the Client's style and challenges 
To help us get started, please consider some of the following questions:- 
Developing Specific Coaching Objectives for the Client 
Try to direct your attention towards the areas that seem highest priority, and may be critical to the particular challenges at the moment. 
Which areas would you identify are the top 1-3 priorities for the Client? 
Of these 3 Priorities - If you are able to state any further detail that would be helpful... 
What would they accomplish?
How will they know when its completed?
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